Part 1 - Matrices

Videos for Section 1.1 WebAssignments

These videos have been tested with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 11. If you run into issues viewing the videos with any web browser, please let us know. 

Simple illustration of how WebAssign works (3:41) 
Introduction to matrices and matrix addition (10:15) 
Introduction to the matrix tool (4:09) 

Videos for Section 1.2 WebAssignments
Matrix multiplication (12:06)  
Matrix multiplication using the Matrix Tool (2:20) 
Extensions (3:03) 

Videos for Section 1.3 WebAssignments
Systems of equations (30:51)        
Using the row operation tool to solve a system of equations (7:55)

Videos for Section 1.4 WebAssignments
Matrix Inverses (17:52)  
Finding an inverse with either tool (1:43)
Using a matrix inverse to solve a system of equations (2:32)
Summary of strategy for row operations (3:31)  
Example on matrices and systems of equations (10:11)
Example using matrices to store data (9:46)
Why the method for finding the inverse of a matrix works (6:30)  
Don't let symbols throw you for a loop (2:47)

Videos for Section 1.5 WebAssignments
Modeling population dynamics with matrices (7:19)
Applying the matrix tool to population dynamics (2:55)
Simple example of a human population model (8:53)

Additional Resources: Khan Academy has a vast collection of math related videos. The first 12 of the matrix videos at Khan Academy treat topics that overlap the ones included in MA 114. You are welcome to browse the videos at Khan Academy and use them for additional insight or review. Beyond the first 12 listed at Khan Academy, the remaining matrix videos cover topics that are not needed in MA 114.