Part 5 - Probability

Videos for Section 5.1 WebAssignments

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Sample space and events (17:30)   

Videos for Section 5.2 WebAssignments
What is probability? (29:09)   

Video for Section 5.3 WebAssignments
Uniform probability distributions (43:19)   
Permutations example (2:54)   
Combinations example (2:27)   

Videos for Section 5.4 WebAssignments
Conditional probability (41:58)  
A neat illustration of the usefulness of conditional probability (5:48)   

Videos for Section 5.5 WebAssignments
Combining conditional probabilities and tree diagrams (21:56) 
Selecting 3 coins from 6 (16:38) 

Videos for Section 5.6 WebAssignments
Independence and independent trials (39:56)   
Sampling (8:22) 
Sampling with and without replacement (14:53) 

Videos for Section 5.7 WebAssignments
Expected value (16:58)   
Playing the NC Lottery's "Pick 4" game (1:14)   
Exact Order (4:34)   
Any Order 1 (7:51)   
Any Order 2 (6:57)   

Additional Resources: Khan Academy has a vast collection of probability videos (about 55). Pretty much everything in the first 42 of these videos is related to this course. So this is a gold mine of additional examples and illustrations. Skip the ones from "Introduction to Random Variables" to "Term Life Insurance and Death Probability", but do watch the last video which features LeBron James.