Part 6 - Markov Chains

Videos for Section 6.1-6.2 WebAssignments

These videos have been tested with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 11. If you run into issues viewing the videos with any web browser, please let us know. 

What is a Markov chain? (13:33)   
Multi-step transition probabilities (9:24)    
Multi-step probabilities via the Matrix Tool (3:55)   

Videos for Section 6.3-6.4 WebAssignments
Regular Markov chains (19:48)    
The row operations tool and steady-state distributions (2:11)   
Absorbing Markov chains (28:57)    
Absorbing states and the matrix algebra tool (7:10)   
A game of tennis can be viewed as a Markov Chain (11:51)   
Markov chain review (17:05)