You will probably do well in this course if you put in enough time and effort.

Letter grades will be on a 10-point scale as shown to the right.

Throughout the semester you can view your past due WebAssignments at any time to see what your score was and to see an answer key for any assignment.

At the end of the semester when final grades are assigned, +/- grading will be used.

In accord with University policy, IN grades will be given only in cases where most of the work in the course has been completed and the student's work is interrupted so as to make it impossible to finish the semester on schedule.

There are no dropped test grades or homework grades in this class. Nor is there any rounding of grades. An 89.9 is a B+. An average of 90.1 is an A-.

Extensions: If an assignment is less than two weeks past due, you can request an "automatic" extension which allows you 48 additional hours to work on the assignment (starting when you file the request). During this extension period you obtain 3/4 of the original point value for all additional work. So you don't lose any points by requesting an extension, you just obtain less than full credit for the late work. With each assignment you can obtain a maximum two of these 48-hour extensions. (Extensions end 48 hours after you request them or two weeks after the due date, which ever comes first. So to receive the full 48 hours you need to request the extension within 12 days of the due date.)