Videos and WebAssign

The main components of this course consist of
  • Online videos. You can access the movies and via your computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android phone or tablet. YouTube versions are available.
  • Web-based assignments (using WebAssign) which may be submitted over and over.
The goal of MA 114 is to demonstrate some of the applications of non-calculus mathematical techniques to real-world problems.


See the Contact Us page for information about help in this class. Jenn Burt provides help or advice related to homework, and Dr. Page handles all other issues.

The News Page should be checked at least three times each week. This is where Dr. Page will post announcements and useful comments. The news page is the only way to stay informed about what is going on in the class.

Homework and Tests

The WebAssign homework constitutes a large portion (37%) of your grade. The 3 tests and the final exam are also done using WebAssign. The homework assignments may be done at home or anywhere you choose. On homework assignments you are allowed up to 50 submissions for each question.

Tests and the final exam will be taken by most students at one of the DE Proctoring Testing Centers. The format of the tests will be similar to the WebAssignments used for homework except that you will have limited time (usually 75 minutes) and you will be limited to 3 submissions for each question.

Students take this class from distant places. This student
recently took the class while stationed in Kosovo.
The final exam will have the same format as the tests, will be 135 minutes in length, and will cover the entire course with special emphasis on the final portion (shown as Part 6 in the schedule).

Many of the questions on the tests and exam will be very similar to problems you have encountered previously in the WebAssign homework.

You should bring your calculator or any other tools you might need to tests. All tests are "open book and open notes", so you may also bring along any notes or books or other printed or written material that might be useful to you.

The online tools (row operations tool and matrix tool) that are used for your homework may also be used on tests.


No textbook or lab manuals are needed. However, there is a textbook that was in use at the time this online class was created, and it is still available in PDF format. It's available as a free download and can be used as an optional study resource if you like.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities that require special arrangements for tests should make arrangements through DELTA to obtain the requested accommodations. This process can be initiated via the DELTA website for disability services. However, please notify Dr. Page to let him know that you will be using special testing arrangements. This is essential so that Dr. Page can set up your test in a way that makes the accommodations feasible. (Note: Dr. Page plays no role in deciding upon requests for special accommodations. Such requests should go directly to the NCSU Disabilities Services Office.)

For the hearing impaired, the videos used in this class are available with closed captioning. To access the captions, simply go to the YouTube version of a video and click the "cc" button which YouTube offers at the bottom of each video.


Student e-mail accounts at NCSU are provided by Google. If your Unity ID is jasmith, then your e-mail address would be something like or perhaps (if there are other students with a similar name).

NCSU policy is that all class correspondence should be addressed to students using the NCSU e-mail addresses. So it is essential that you monitor your NCSU mail. Most information for the entire class will be distributed via this web site. If you write to us, we will reply to whatever address you have listed as your "return address" on your e-mail. But on the rare occasions when we need to e-mail information to the class, your NCSU address will be used, as is now the case for all official university correspondence. At the beginning of the semester before all students have learned about the need to access the web site regularly, we use e-mail to send you preliminary information.

Many people have alternate e-mail that they primarily use. For example, I use my non-NCSU Gmail almost exclusively. You can set up your NCSU Gmail account so that all mail is automatically forward to whatever account you routinely use.

Academic Integrity

NCSU has established policies regarding academic integrity. In this course either of the following is considered to be a violation of the honor system:
  • cheating on tests (i.e. receiving help from another student during the test)
  • having someone else submit WebAssignments under your name
Talking with other students about assignments or getting help from other students is fine, as is consulting with Jenn.