Part 2 - Linear Programming

Videos for Section 2.1-2.3 WebAssignments

These videos have been tested with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 11. If you run into issues viewing the videos with any web browser, please let us know. 

Graphing Linear Inequalities (15:18)    
Setting up linear programming problems (19:11)    
Using the row operation tool to find corner points (1:14)   
Solving linear programming problems graphically (24:46)    
Manufacturing checkers and chess sets (7:33)    
More applications of linear programming (14:19)    

Additional Resources: Most of Khan Academy's offerings on linear equations and inequalities are more introductory than you will need. However, the last eight of them give some examples and illustrations that you may find helpful. And if you're rusty on the basics of plotting points or graphing straight lines, some of the earlier videos in this collection may be useful to you. Feel free to browse.