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Dr. Page
Dr. Page is the professor for the class. If you have questions about the class, or issues related to your enrollment or grade in the class, contact Dr. Page. Dr. Page was one of the first faculty at NCSU to begin delivering classes via the Internet. The MA 114 class was first offered online during the fall semester of 1997. WebAssign has been used by the class since 1999.

The quickest way to contact Dr. Page is via e-mail at the address shown below. However, questions about homework assignments should go to Jenn rather than to Dr. Page, and the quickest and most efficient method for getting help is to use the "Ask Your Teacher" feature in WebAssign.

Dr. Page:

Jenn Burt
Jenn Burt is the source of help via the "Ask Your Teacher" feature in WebAssign. Jennifer has worked with this online MA 114 courses for many years, and she is a graduate of the NCSU College of Education. Direct any questions you have about the homework to Jennifer, preferably by using "Ask Your Teacher". Jenn will almost always respond within 24 hours, and often sooner. But we have a standing rule that neither Jenn nor Dr. Page will provide last minute help for homework on the day that it is due. We encourage you to get an early start on assignments and to seek help (if needed) early enough to make good use of whatever help you obtain.

Jenn Burt:

Jenn’s instructions on how to locate her responses
to questions you submit to “Ask Your Teacher”

“Ask Your Teacher” is the primary “help” tool available in WebAssign. To find an answer to a question you asked via "Ask Your Teacher", return to the assignment where you asked the question (if it is now past due you'll need to click the link to view your "Past Assignments" and then click on the assignment name). Once you are looking at the assignment look for the little envelope(s) in the blue bar above the question(s) that you asked about. Note: You'll usually get a response within 24 hours.

Additionally, there is a handy feature which allows you to get an email notification when Jenn responds to your "Ask Your Teacher" request. Simply click the link near the top right of any page that says "Notifications" and follow the directions to set things up. You can also get email notifications which remind you about upcoming homework and lots of other things you might find helpful. Check it out!