Intermittent WebAssign Issues

WebAssign continues today (Sept. 10) to suffer from erratic and intermittent slowdowns. For the past two days the most serious problems seemed to have occurred at high load times in the late evening. But there have also been other brief problems throughout the day.

I have no more information that you do with regard to the cause or duration of these problems. During WebAssign's long history, there have occasionally been issues such as this. But it is rare for them to drag on more than a few days at most. So we'll keep our fingers crossed that all this business will be resolved soon.

Meanwhile, I suggest that you do as much of your work as possible during off-peak hours in the evening. If serious problems persist, I may give additional short term extensions on homework. But your best insurance is still to try to get work done well ahead of the deadline. The assignment due on Sept. 9 was extended to Sept. 10 last night. I do not anticipate extending it again. However, the two assignments due on Sept. 10 may be extended if serious outages are occurring tonight. But don't count on extensions at this point, because I have no idea how WebAssign is going to perform tonight. The safe thing to do is to get as much of your work done early as possible.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013