Test #2 Scores

A total of 63 students have completed Test #2. The average score (mean) is 89, and the median score is 85.3 (i.e. half the students scored higher than 85.3). This is pretty good for Test #2, so I'd say this class scored a tiny bit better than is usually the case for this particular test.

Test #3 begins on November 14, which is 3 weeks from today. It covers only Part 5 of the course. But most students consider Part 5 to be the most challenging portion of the course. That's why I've paced the schedule in Part 5 so that more time is allowed for each assignment. So in Part 5 you'll run into disaster if you wait until the last day to start homework assignments. Get an early start, and allow yourself some time to digest what you're learning.

Thursday, October  24, 2013