Final Grade Calculation via WebAssign

I have included your final exam grade in WebAssign's calculation of your estimated grade. This is now the case for EVERYBODY, no matter whether you have taken the exam yet or not. For those who have not yet taken the exam, a "zero" exam grade is entered into the grade calculation

So for those who have already completed the exam, the grades tab now displays WebAssign's calculation of your final average for the class based on the grading method that has been described all semester on the grades page at the class website. For those who have NOT taken the exam, a zero exam grade is temporarily used in the calculation. If you were to make a perfect score on the final exam, that would improve your overall average by 24 points relative to the temporary average shown now. For example, if you have not yet taken the exam and your "final" average is shown as 62, that means that a perfect exam score (when you do get around to taking the exam) will boost your overall average to 62+24= 86. (The reason for the "24" is that the final exam counts 24% of your overall average, so a perfect exam would contribute 24 points to that average.)

Thursday, December  12, 2013