Preparing for Test #1

The best indicator of how well you are prepared for Test #1 is how well you understand the homework. Students use all sorts of approaches to the homework. Some work alone, and others like to do homework with a study group. If you did all your homework completely by yourself, and you got the correct answers, then you probably understand the details. But even so, you will want to review the details prior to the test. If you studied with others and got some help with your homework, then you need to be especially diligent about testing your own understanding. Redo the homework from scratch, and see if you're on top of all the details. If a friend explained the solution to a problem to you earlier, see if you can explain the solution to yourself prior to the test. On the test you'll have limited time, and you'll be on your own. So make sure you know how to do the problems in that sort of environment.

Thursday, February  6, 2014