Part 4 - A Fresh Start

This evening the first assignment from Part 4 is due. Part 4 represents a fresh start on a completely new topic. In fact, neither Parts 4 nor 5 have anything whatsoever to do with the previous topics in the class.

There will be a reconnection in Part 6. In fact there is a lot of interdependence. Part 4 is essential for Part 5. And Part 5 is essential for Part 6. But Part 6 is also highly dependent on what we learned about matrices in Part 1. We will not be revisiting the linear programming topics covered in Parts 2 and 3 (except on Test #2 which begins on Oct. 17). But what we're doing now in Part 4 is a stepping stone toward the reconnection with matrices that happens in Part 6.

Wednesday, October  1, 2014