Class Chat and Introductions

Eight students wrote brief introductions in the Introduce Yourself forum on the first day of class. That's great. To sweeten the pot a bit I'm offering 5 homework bonus points to everyone who writes a brief introduction before the end of January. So do that at your leisure.

You'll notice that there's another forum called Class Chat. This is for students to use in any way you want. It's perfectly acceptable to chat about class homework, ask questions about the homework, help each other with the homework, etc. If you want to share an email address or a phone number so that other students can contact you, that's perfectly okay. (The class forums can be seen only by students in the class, so giving contact information does not mean you're sharing it with the world.) If you live in the area and want to set up study or help sessions with other students, that's fine.

In the WebAssign homework for this class, most homework questions are individualized for each student. So your own version of the homework questions will be numerically different from the homework questions of other students you may be studying with. This makes "copying" homework impossible, and it's why working together is encouraged.

Thursday, January  8, 2015