Checking your grade in WebAssign

With Test #1 finished, here's the report. A total of 35 students took the test. The class average was 80.9 and the class median was 94 (i.e. half the students who took the test made a score of 94 or above). This is an unusually large spread between the average score and the median score. What it indicates that most students did quite well on the test but that the low grades were VERY low so as to drag down the average to well below the median score. [If the grades were fairly evenly spread out, then one expects the average and the mean to be similar. On the other hand, if the average were well ABOVE the mean, that would suggest a lot of somewhat low scores with a few very high scores that bring the average up.]

Now that we have a test grade under our belts, the WebAssign average that you will find under the "Grades" tab is calculated by averaging your present homework score (on past due homework) and your test score (counting them as 50% homework and 50% test score). What you'll see is something like the picture here. This is how the grade report would display for a student with a homework average of 98.48 and a test score of 81.

Saturday, February  7, 2015