Final Exam Location

I have received word from the Distance Education office that your final exam (on campus) must be taken at the following location. Please read carefully.

Your final exam will be given in our overflow room in the DH Hill Library.

Where: DH Hill - ITTC Lab
When: 4/29 - 5/6 9:30am - 6:45pm, Last sign in at 6:00pm

Please be sure that your students know the correct location for their exam.  We are very busy during this time and the use of extra space is vital to our ability to serve all of the students and to reduce the wait time. We will send a notice out to your students at the end of next week, but it helps if this is reinforced by the instructor.
Students should not bring any items not used for their exam as there is limited storage space for personal belongings. Cell phones are not permitted in the testing room.

DSO students that receive individual room accommodations, should schedule their exams as usual they will not go to the overflow spaces.

Note that phones are not permitted. They tell me that this will be enforced. So if you are accustomed to using your phone's calculator app or some other phone app, you should make other plans for the final exam. (I was told that the DE Proctoring Center has always enforced a "no phones" rule, but that was news to me.)

Wednesday, April  22, 2015