Final Report to the Class

Here's the breakdown of final grades for the class ...

  • A range (A+, A, or A-) -- 13 students
  • B range (B+, B, or B-) -- 7 students
  • C range (C+, C, or C-) -- 3 students
  • D range (D+, D, or D-) -- 3 students
  • F -- 5 students
  • W (withdrew from course) -- 2 students

This accounts for 33 students. Since we started with 39 students enrolled, that means that 6 students must have dropped the class prior to the drop deadline back in March.

Congratulations to all of you who stuck with it and completed the course successfully. Have a great summer, and I wish you success in your future work.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Page

Wednesday, May  6, 2015