Why are there two calendars?

Once you start using WebAssign you'll see that there's a "Calendar" link at the top of your WebAssign page where your current assignments are listed. Be aware, however, that the calendar that is built into WebAssign shows only your CURRENT assignments. Assignments that will appear in the future are NOT included in this calendar.

That's why there's a calendar tab at the top of the page in the class website. The calendar available via the class website shows the schedule for the entire semester. So via that calendar you can see the due date for every assignment that will appear all semester, as well as the windows for taking all tests and the final exam. This is truly a snapshot of the entire semester, so you can map out the semester in as much detail as you like to coordinate your work in this class with other aspects of your life. (I do know that you all have a life beyond this class.)

Wednesday, August  19, 2015