Check your class standing

Via WebAssign I have sent an email to every student in the class who presently has a standing of C- or higher. The email comments on your status in the class at this time.

For students whose present status in the class is below C-, I have submitted a more detailed academic progress report. Rather than going through WebAssign, the progress reports are made via the NCSU Registration and Records office.

The grade reported in your progress report is based on work completed as of the present moment. Some of you have permission to make up missed work. If your work has been delayed and you have permission to make up a test or homework that has not yet been completed, then presumably when you get back on schedule your grade status will improve. So don't take the academic progress report as personal criticism. If you're behind in your work and have discussed your situation with me, then the progress report may well simply be a reminder of what you are already aware of. But I do encourage all students who are behind in your work to be honest with yourself about the situation you are in and to come up with a plan to get yourself back on schedule to complete the class by the end of the semester. We do not give IN grades in this class except in very extenuating circumstances, and nobody in this class currently meets the criteria for an IN grade.

Tuesday, October  27, 2015