A new beginning

Part 4 represents a completely new beginning for the class. In fact, neither Part 4 nor Part 5 has anything whatsoever to do with what you've learned in Parts 1,2, and 3. But Parts 4 and 5 are closely related to each other. To do well in Part 5, it's absolutely essential that you have a good understanding of the techniques found in Part 4.

But everything does come back together in Part 6. What you learned about matrices in Part 1 is combined with what you learned about probability in Part 5 to allow the investigation that takes place in Part 6. So here's an overall dependency list:

  • Part 1 is needed for Parts 2 and 3
  • Part 4 is needed for Part 5
  • Parts 1 and 5 are needed for Part 6

Monday, February  15, 2016