Test grade now included in grade shown in WebAssign

Now that we have finished with Test #1, if you look at your grade by clicking the Grades tab at the class website you'll see something that looks like the picture shown here. It shows you four pieces of information:

  • Your current letter grade
  • Your current numerical average
  • Your current homework average (along with the number of assignments that homework average is based on)
  • Your current test average (and the number of test grades that average is based on)
All this information will automatically update as more assignments come due. Also, when you're looking at this grade info in WebAssign, you can click any of the four blue items and get additional information on how those numbers are calculated. All the calculations are based on the formula that is described under the grades tab. At present since you have no final exam grade (and won't have one until the exam period at the end of the semester), your grade is weighted slightly more on the test grade than the homework grade (since tests count 39% overall and homework 37% overall).

Wednesday, February  3, 2016