More simplex method problems for practice

There's an optional WebAssignment consisting of brand new questions for practicing the simplex method (the topic in Part 3). Since Part 3 is unrelated to Parts 4, 5, and 6, it's something you haven't thought about for the past couple of months. So I thought some brand new questions might give you incentive to test your memory of the simplex method as a way of brushing up for the exam.

Since these are new questions, they haven't been "student tested," which means it's possible you might run into a "buggy" version of a question. For that reason I'm asking you to contact me rather than contacting Jenn as you do when you have questions about WebAssign homework. This will give me feedback on the correctness of the script that creates an individualized version of each question for each student. So if you run into what you think is an error in a question, please let me know directly ( rather than consulting with Jenn through the Ask Your Teacher feature of WebAssign.

Friday, April  22, 2016