Open House at the Testing Center

I have received this note from the distance education folks who run the testing center where your tests will take place. It's a good way to become familiar with the testing environment and learn how tests and the final exam in this class will work.

We will be holding a Testing Services open house. Please encourage your students to attend. We have found that students are sometime nervous or anxious about coming to take an exam and if they can stop in prior to the exam to get the lay of the land it helps ease some pressures.

You are also welcome to attend, it will present a great opportunity to meet some of your students in person. Even if you can not attend the entire time, perhaps let your students know when you will be there and encourage them to come at that time.

DELTA Testing Open House
Monday August 29
1:00 - 6:00pm
1730 Varsity Dr.
Venture IV, Suite 236

Light refreshments will be served. Attached is the notice that will be sent to students on 8/24.

Friday, August  19, 2016