A chaotic weekend ...

Well, fall break and the storm have passed, but I know that a lot of folks are still dealing with flood waters and are without electricity. The NCSU website got scrambled for a while over the weekend, and in turn that caused the usual link to this class website to malfunction.

Here's some information that it's worthwhile for you to know. Normally the address for the class website is listed as www.math.ncsu.edu/ma114/. However, that address is actually a pointer to ma114online.blogpot.com because the class website is actually a Google blog. Even when the entire NCSU website is down, the class website works just fine if you'll just get there by way of the latter address. When the NCSU website is out, the videos hosted at NCSU are not accessible. But remember that all the videos are also available at YouTube. So by using the direct link to the blog and by using the YouTube videos, you still have access to all the course resources even when nothing at NCSU is working. And keep in mind that WebAssign also is not dependent on the university. So all the class resources and WebAssign also were up and running during the storm. Make a note of this for future reference in case the NCSU website goes down again for any reason.

Monday, October  10, 2016