Getting off to a good start

The first homework assignments are due in a few days. The most important thing you can do in this class is to get an early start on homework assignments. Once we get through the first week or so, all assignments appear in your list of current WebAssignments about 10 days before the due date. Make use of that time. Allow yourself plenty of time so that you don't get into a last minute rush. In the beginning part of the class, most assignments are easy. Many can be completed in one sitting. But that won't be true for the whole semester. Later on you'll need to study the related videos, perhaps watching parts of the video several times, and allow some time for the concepts to sink in. So going into the homework at the last minute and expected to learn what you need from the videos to get the homework done on time is not a process that will work throughout this course.

Form good habits now!

Tuesday, January  10, 2017