Window for Test #1 is September 8-14

The first test will be available for you to take throughout the period September 8-14. To review all the info on testing see the Test Info page at the class website. This is a very good time to reread that page entirely.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. But you don't need to tell me when you plan to take the test. (I don't need to know that.) Just make sure that you complete the test by the end of the test window.

The most common mistake make by students related to scheduling the tests is to show up too late to be able to make use of the full time that the test allows. This happens because of related problems like getting tied up in traffic or finding a line waiting at the testing center so that you can't get started immediately. My best advice is this ...
  • Don't wait until the last day.
  • If you do happen to get tied up for some reason and find that you're not going to have the full 80 minutes to take the test before you get kicked out of the testing center, then DON'T START THE TEST! Instead, come back on another day and get there early enough to get the full time allowed.
Be aware that once you login to the test there's no backing out. (For example, after logging in you can't decide that you'd rather come back and take the test on another day. You get one chance. That's all.)

Tuesday, September  5, 2017