Optional Homework Challenge Question

There was an optional challenge question which had a due date of October 16. Since this was not really a homework assignment, the score on that question is not automatically factored into the WebAssign grade computation. In order to make your point total on the challenge question count as "extra credit" in your homework average, what I've done is to add the points from the challenge question onto your score way back on August 25 for the "Contractual Agreement" homework assignment that appeared way back then. That assignment originally had a possible score of 9 points. So if you completed any part of the challenge question this month, you'll now see that the points you earned have been credited to that ancient homework assignment that was due back in August. For example there were a few students in the class who earned all 23 possible points on the challenge question. So in those few cases 23 points will have been added to the original score on the Contractual Agreement. That accomplishes the promise that points earned on the challenge question will in effect constitute extra credit homework points.

Tuesday, October  24, 2017