Final Report on MA 114 Scores - Fall 2014

During the period December 8-16, a total of 56 students completed the final exam. The average score on the final exam was 83.1, and the median score was 90. So half the class made an A on the final exam. Congratulations to the class!

The breakdown of final grades for the class is as follows:
  • A - 21 students
  • B - 21 students
  • C - 8 students
  • D - 3 students
  • F - 7 students
  • U - 2 students
  • IN - 1 student
So 1/3 of the class made an A-range grade, 1/3 made a B-range grade, and 1/3 of the class performed at a lower than B level.

Remember the "introductions" that many of you wrote to the class forum in which you introduced yourself to other students in the class way back in August? I promised 5 bonus homework points for this, and I followed through by adding the 5 bonus points to the very first WebAssignment of the semester. This was updated only today, so that's why many of you will see a slightly higher homework average than you were seeing as recently as yesterday.

Best wishes to everyone, and may you have a blessed holiday vacation and return to school (or to your next step in life) with renewed vigor.

Prof. L. Page

Wednesday, December  17, 2014