Parking Code for Exams, Class Evaluation, and Homework extensions

A new parking code is available for use of the Centennial Campus parking deck during final exams. You can find the code in the "Announcements" section of WebAssign. (Announcements are visible on the right when you're viewing your list of current assignments.)

Also, don't forget to submit your class evaluation. The deadline for this is December 8. See the news post dated Nov. 21 for details.

All homework extensions will end on December 8 (the day that final exams begin). The purpose of this is to discourage students from delaying homework until after taking the final exam. Or to put it another way, all the homework for which you wish to receive credit must be completed prior to the beginning of the final exam window.

If you missed a test and are therefore missing a test grade, contact Dr. Page immediately.

Tuesday, December  2, 2014