Form good work habits

This week the work of the semester begins in earnest. Homework assignments are due on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week. It's the time to be forming good work habits that will lead to success in this class. Here are a few things to keep in mind ...

  • After the first week of class, all assignments are available to you for about 10 days before the due date. This gives plenty of time to avoid last minute rushes. You don't have to work on homework every day. You can do your work whenever you like. But in any case it's generally dumb to wait until the last minute.
  • While you can get automatic extensions, you get only 75% credit if you submit work late. Those 25% penalties add up. So don't depend on using extensions regularly.
  • Forgetting due dates is no excuse. Every time you look at WebAssign you'll see a list of your current assignments. The assignments appear in that list 10 days before the due date. There are no surprises.
Your work habits will affect your grade and your degree of satisfaction with this class. What students tend to like about this class is that the requirements are clear so you always know exactly what is expected of you. So take advantage of that and plan an approach to this class that works for you.

Wednesday, January  14, 2015