Where the class website really lives

As you have probably noticed by now, the website for this class is actually a Google blog. (Google blogs have addresses of the form "xxxx.blogspot.com"), and the actual address for our class website is ma114online.blogspot.com. However, in order to emphasize the connection with NCSU, I usually list the website as math.ncsu.edu/ma114/. This last address is actually just a pointer at NCSU that points to the Google blog.

The reason I'm telling you this is that occasionally the server at NCSU that dishes out the pointer may fail to work even though the website itself is working just fine. So the moral of that story is that you should make a note or bookmark for ma114online.blogspot.com. If you ever try to reach the website via the link math.ncsu.edu/ma114 and are unsuccessful, try the direct link to the blog and you'll probably find the website working just fine.

Tuesday, January  20, 2015