Grade Status as of March 19

Test #2 is now complete. Thirty students completed Test #2 and the average score was 84 with a median score of 92. Here's the present breakdown of grade distribution in the class based on the first two tests and homework that is already past due ...
  • A - 16 students
  • B - 5 students
  • C - 3 students
  • D - 6 students
  • about 5 additional students who have grade of F because of having stopped work in the class
The good news is that everybody who is still participating in the class is passing the course, although obviously many have room for improvement. Remember that you can check your own status via the Grades Tab in WebAssign.

Test #3 is usually the test that students find most challenging. But I've laid out the schedule so that Part 5 (which is what Test #3 is based on) moves at a more leisurely pace. But it's very important not to fall behind and try to do a rush job on Part 5. The probability section requires more critical thinking skills, and it's best not to rush that. "Cramming" in Part 5 doesn't work very well. You have to eat it slowly and give it time to digest.

Thursday, March  19, 2015