Welcome back from Spring Break

Greetings! Hope most of you got a little R&R during last week's spring break. Many of you are working full time jobs and have family responsibilities, but at least there were no assignments with due dates scheduled last week.

The first due date for a Part 5 assignment is tonight. And you have today through Wednesday to complete Test #2. So this week we're wrapping up the old and starting the new. Part 5 is the only piece of the course that has a test devoted entirely to it. (Test #3 will be on Part 5 and nothing else.) And do remember that Part 5 draws heavily on Part 4. Very frequently a student will say "I don't understand probability," when what they really mean is that they don't understand the techniques in Part 4 that are being applied to probability situations.

As always, stay in touch with me or Jenn regarding any issues you run into in this class.

Monday, March  16, 2015