Access to other websites during tests

I am trying to get clarification from the DE Testing Centers with regard to allowing access to websites of your choice during tests. My understanding is that if you bring your own laptop, tablet, phone, etc. to the testing center, then there is no restriction regarding websites you can connect to using your own, battery powered equipment. However, there is a restricted list of websites that may be visited using the desktop computers that you will be using for the test.

If there is a particular website that you wish to use (like a graphing tool, for example) and you would like that site to be "approved" for use during the tests, please send me IMMEDIATELY the address of that tool so that I can try to get it on the "approved list" by next week. Remember, this pertains only to websites you might want to try to use on the desktop computer located at the testing center which you'll be using to take your test. If you take a battery powered laptop or other device that accesses the Internet, approval is not required for using that device to access whatever website you like.

Thursday, September  10, 2015