Changes coming in testing centers

(This information provided by the distance education office.)

The new Centennial Campus Testing Center is set to open on Sept 14. The finishing touches are happening now.

Our MA 114 class will have the option of taking exams at either of the test centers.

That being said, we have been informed that the construction on the first floor of Cox Hall is to begin towards the end of October, sooner than we had planned. There is to be considerable noise associated with this construction and the project manager has suggested we not conduct testing during construction. In addition to the Cox Hall construction, there is the demolition of Harrelson Hall which it to take place from spring - summer. This may mean we can not re-open Cox Hall Testing until Fall 2016. I will keep you posted as to the exact date that we have to close Cox Hall.

Luckily the new testing center will have 70 computer based seats, 36 paper based seats and 4 individual rooms.

Friday, September  11, 2015