Grade Report for Test #1

A total of 65 students completed Test #1. The average (mean) score was 88.3, and the median score was 94. I assume everybody knows how the average is calculated. To say the median is 94 means that half the scores were above 94 and half below. This is fairly typical for the first test. Generally Test #1 has the highest scores, Test #2 fall off a bit. Test #3 is usually the toughest for students. And the scores on the final exam are usually back up to the Test #2 range. No matter how you did on this test, don't let up. If you are not satisfied with your grade, look for ways to put more time and effort into the class, or for ways to be a little "smarter" in your approach. If you did great on this test, don't let up. Things will get more challenging later on.

Tuesday, September  22, 2015