Test grade now included in WebAssign grades

If you click on your "Grades" tab in WebAssign now, you'll see something like the picture shown here. This is the grade status report for a student who (as of September 19) has a homework average of 99.08 and scored 93.56 on Test #1. This produces an overall average of 93.53 (counting the test average and homework each as 50% of the grade), which is an "A" average as of now. Keep in mind that the final average will be calculated as shown in the formula given under the "Grades" tab at this class website: 37% homework average, 39% test average, and 24% final exam average. Throughout the semester (while there is no final exam grade available), WebAssign will display your average counting your homework average and your test average equally since at the end of the semester the test average and homework average will be factored into the final grade approximately with the same weight (37% vs. 39%).

Saturday, September  19, 2015