Another issue with WebAssign ...

I have another report from Jenn that indicates a potential issue with WebAssign. Our apologies for these issues. The primary cause is that Cengage bought WebAssign last year, and migrating WebAssign into Cengage is causing some headaches. The good news is that you can continue to use WebAssign for free until this issue is straightened out ...

Friday, August  18, 2017


Unfortunately another potential WebAssign issue has surfaced that I need to let you know about.  Here is what happens:
1) The student logs in to WebAssign and is told that they can continue to use the system for free for x more days OR they can pay now.
2) The student clicks to pay now.
3) The system tells them that it cannot "process the request" and to "try again later."

I've already reported this issue to WebAssign support so they are aware of the issue.  In response they've added extra days to the free use period so that students will not get locked out because of this.  Students can just continue to bypass the payment screen when they log in and use WebAssign for free until this is resolved.

What to do if you get reports of this from your students:
1) Tell them that this is a known issue and that the free use period has been extended by a few days already.  They can continue to use WebAssign for free until the issue is resolved.
2) Tell them to create a support case with WebAssign using the "Create a Support Case" link on the following page:

Best wishes,