Message from Jenn

I've been made aware of a potential issue that students might run into when logging in.  Most students are NOT having this issue, but for the few that are it is very frustrating. 

1)  The student goes to and types in their credentials.  The credentials are bad in some way (typo, wrong password, etc.).  
2)  They click log in.
3)  What SHOULD happen is that the same NCSU portal page reloads and tells them that what they have entered is incorrect and to try again.  What IS happening is that they are being redirected to a generic login page, which (as you might guess) is very confusing.

If you have students that are reporting this sort of issue please tell them that it happened because they typed in the wrong unity id and/or password.  They should manually return to before attempting to log in with the proper credentials.  If they continue to have difficulties they should contact the WebAssign student support desk:

The WebAssign team is currently working on fixing this now that they know it is an issue.  

Thursday, August  17, 2017