Successfully logging in to WebAssign

This note comes from our TA Jenn. Jenn works with WebAssign, and she emphasizes the need for students to understand the change to the WebAssign login procedure:

Note:  A code change in WebAssign in the past couple of weeks affects how you and your students log in to WebAssign.  If you have always used the NCSU WebAssign portal ( then NOTHING WILL CHANGE for you.  However, if you have used one of the other generic log in portals you will need to reset your bookmark to the address listed above and log in there instead.  Your log in credentials remain exactly what they've always been (in other words, you will continue to use your unity id and password).  Note:  If you attempt to log in and are asked to create a Cengage account YOU ARE TRYING TO LOG IN AT THE WRONG PLACE.  NCSU instructors and students do not need to create a Cengage account.

Wednesday, August  16, 2017