Part 3 Practice and Test

The window for Test #3 (on Part 5 of the course) is November 15-21. So the opening day for the test is Wednesday, November 15. And the test must be completed before Thanksgiving break begins on November 22. Test #3 is usually the most challenging test of the semester, and it draws heavily on the content of Part 4 of the class.

A set of practice problems is already available within WebAssign. Here is the description of that WebAssignment that is found within WebAssign ...

These are practice problems, not a sample test. Your time on this is not restricted, and the problem set is 2.5 times as long as the real test. These problems have already appeared as homework questions, but in this assignment the numerical values will likely be different. This assignment is optional and does not count in your grade.

Monday, November  13, 2017