Test #3 Results

Test #3 is over and done, which means that we're now in the home stretch that leads to the final exam (which opens on Monday, Dec. 4). Altogether, 58 students took Test #3. The average score was 72.4 and the median score was 75. This data is comparable to scores on Test #3 from previous semesters.

The final exam is generally somewhat less rushed than the 3 tests have been. (The final exam is about 60% longer than the tests in terms of number of questions, but it's about 70% longer in terms of time allowed.) Do try to finish up Part 6 in time to leave plenty of time to review for the exam. And keep in mind that Part 6 will be pretty heavily represented on the final exam since it's not been covered previously on any test.

Remember also that you work on the homework must be completed by the time the final exam opens. All homework extensions will be shut down around Dec. 4. So don't count of being able to request additional homework extensions during the exam period.

Wednesday, November  22, 2017